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All students are expected to come to class in the appropriate dance clothes and with the proper dance shoes. Hair should be pulled back. Absolutely NO JEANS, Sweatpants, or regular clothing.

Pre-Dance- Any style dance outfit. For example, this can be a leotard with tights or a dance tshirt with spandex dance pants.  There are lots of cute outfits at Walmart, Target, Payless, JCPenny etc.  

Ballet, Pointe- Any style leotard and tights.  Spandex shorts or ballet skirts are optional. No dance pants. Check with your teacher for specifics.

Tap, Jazz, CDT- Any style leotard and tights or dance pants with a fitted t-shirt. No baggy tshirts or street clothes. Check with your teacher for specifics.

Modern, Acro- Students need footless tights, since both modern and acro shoes require bare feet. All female acro and CDT students should wear a dance leotard or a tight fitting tank top because many moves require being upside down. Absolutely no baggy clothes or loose tshirts.  

Hip Hop and Adult Classes-Students should wear loose and comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. Exercise or yoga clothing is preferred.  Absolutely no jeans or street shoes! Street shoes bring in dirt and rocks that damage the wood floors.

Ballroom- comfortable clothing you can move well in. Heeled shoes for the ladies. Check with your ballroom teacher first.

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