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Anastasia's Spotlight Dance Competition

Dates for competition are posted on the studio Calendar

 Do you love to dance? Do you love performing on stage? Are you ready to be challenged and take your dancing to the next level?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then competition classes might be for you!

Our competition program is student-centered and Christian based. What do we mean by that? Our teachers keep the focus on the individual progress of each student and teach in a way that reflects Christian values.   All of our teachers are Christians who push each student to do their best through constructive criticism and team work in a way that is respectful and kind.  It is very different from the Dance Moms show you see on television.  Our teachers are also very conservative when it comes to age appropriate music and tasteful costuming. Joining the competition team gives each student an outlet to challenge themselves and to learn more about dancing from their teachers, peers, competition judges, competition score sheets, DVD critiques, and dance workshops.  Competition classes are more challenging than non-competition classes and will focus heavily on dance technique, flexibility, jumps, turns, and other performance aspects. 

The only additional fees for these classes are the competition fees, which usually run about $25-$35 per dancer, per routine, for each competition. We usually attend 1 or 2 competitions in the Rochester area, depending on other events going on at the studio that year.  The competition teams are also invited to perform at other community events throughout the year. 

 Competition Teams : refer to studio schedule

Junior Competition Team (Ages 7-10)- Novice Competition Team for students who are new to competition or have less than 3 years experience competing. Students will be working on increasing strech, balance, proper technique, body lines and learning dance vocabulary.

Teen 1 Competition Team (Ages 10-14)- Students are expected to have mastered the basic dance techniques of the Junior level and will be working on clean head spotting, proper turn-out, clean single pirouettes, splits, basic stag jumps, chenes, and battements (kicks) at least waist level. Students should be close to getting both of their left and right splits.

Teen 2 Competition Team (Ages 10-14)- Intermediate level dancer who has mastered the basics of the Teen 1 level and who is working on clean double pirouettes, various stag jumps, calypso jumps, ronverses, leg extensions and multiple chenes with proper head spotting.  Students should also have both  their left and right spits.   

Senior 1 Competition Team (Ages 12+)- Advanced-Beginner level dancer who has mastered the basics of Teen 2 and who is working on clean double and triple piroutettes, fouettes, reverse stag jumps, split leaps, ronverses, leg extensions, scorpions, layouts, and middle splits.

Senior 2 Competition Team (Ages 12+)-Advanced-Intermediate level dancer who has mastered the basics of the Senior 1 level and who is working on clean double and triple pirouettes, fouettes, turns A la Seconde, illusions, fan kicks, shoulder rolls, reverse stag jumps to the floor, calypso jumps, firebird jumps, multiple chene and turn combinations, multiple ronverses, side layouts and back layouts.  Students should have both their left and right splits, as well as scorpions and leg extensions. 

Senior 3 Competiton Team (Ages 14+)- Advanced level dancer who has mastered the basics of Senior 2 level and who is working on increased flexibility, proper technique and execution of Senior level 2 skills, multiple turn combinations that are clean with proper head spotting and other skills needed to enter the Intensive level classes.

Intensive Competition Team (Ages 14+)- Advanced level dancer who has mastered the basics of all of the Senior levels and has exceptional performance qualities such as facial expressions, body lines, energy and movement qualities. Students will be working on leg hold turns, switch split jumps, switch russian jumps, tilt jumps, and other professional levels.

 Competition Auditions


All interested students are encouraged to try-out.


We offer competition classes for all levels of students from beginner to advanced levels 


*Auditions for NEW competition students are held each summer during our Extreme Dance Camp*

If you missed the auditions and are interested in competing please call for more information.


Auditions for current students are held in May.

Current competition students will be reviewed each year by the teaching staff and assigned to an appropriate class

based on current abilities, attendance, attitude and commitment.  Students should not expect to move up every year.


Students who make the competition team will be required to take a ballet class and cannot compete if they miss more than 3 classes!

Students are allowed to “make-up” a class if needed, however if a student does not know the routine well enough to perform then they will not be able to compete with their class for that particular competition.  Students are expected to attend both competitions and must not schedule any other commitments for competition weekend. All competition students should come to class dressed appropriate dance attire.  No baggy t-shirts, sweatpants or jeans allowed. Hair should be pulled up. All dancers should be wearing the appropriate dance shoes.


 Congratulations Competition Teams!


Spotlight Competition Teams 2011


Spotlight Competition Teams 2010


Spotlight Competition Teams 2009


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Competition Teams have also been asked to perform at:

Dance Rochester Showcase

Golisano Children's Hospital Talent Show

Seabreeze Dancing Days

Churchville Fair

Nursing Homes, Churches, Special Events




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