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Student Checklist for Competition 


Remember to arrive 2 hours before your scheduled time in case the competition is running ahead of schedule and so your child can rehearse with her class.  Please remember your child has been working very hard all year for this very special day.  Make sure your child is well rested and do not eat in your costume.  The competition schedule will be posted 1 week before competition.  All students are expected to be present for the awards ceremony and should wear their costume or their Spotlight Competition Team shirt on stage.  

  1. TIGHTS- will be supplied by the studio and billed to your account
  2. UNDERGARMENTS- All competition students must wear a nude camisole leotard with CLEAR straps under all costumes.  This leotard will take the place of underwear.  If you must wear a bra for additional support then purchase one with CLEAR straps.  To be purchased at through the studio 
  3. HAIR STYLE- Low pony tail parted over the left eye
  4. EARRINGS- All competition students must purchase 8mm Rhinestone Earrings EC8AS or EP8AS for $7.95 from Discount Dance Supply.  Theses earrings are also sold at Bailey's Slipper Shop.  These are the same earrings we wore last year. 
  5. EYELASHES- supplied by the studio, billed to your account. (not necessary for our younger competition teams) 
  6. MAKE-UP -supplied by the studio, billed to your account. 
  7. SHOES- See shoe handout for the correct color and style of shoe to purchase.  Everyone in the class must have the same exact brand, style and color of shoe.  In the past we have had judges take off points for classes with shoe variations. If you are not sure of the exact shoe, please ask your teacher.
  8. BOBBY PINS & SAFETY PINS- ALL headpieces and hats MUST be bobby pinned even if "you think it won't fall off".  Safety pins are a must for all costumes, your teacher will instruct you where to pin your costume.
  9. OTHER- Make sure on the day of competition you make sure that you have your shoes and any other accessories that came with your costume such as hats, gloves, belts, etc.  It is often helpful to pull all of your accessories in a large ziplock bag so you do not lose a glove or belt in the parking lot. 

    *Please make sure you write your NAME on EVERYTHING! Shoes, tights, costume pieces, dance bags, etc.  If you have specific competition questions please ask your class's designated "Class Mom" FIRST, before asking your child's teacher.  This year we are trying maximize class instruction time by cutting down on class interruptions.  We are also trying to make things more organized and uniform to simplify the competition process. 

            Rhinestone Earrings           






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